Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway

Hello, beloved readers! It’s that time again!

Some of you might know that I’ve been doing the occasional Reviewer Appreciation Giveaway whenever I feel like it/have time/have something to give away. I really like people who review books. It’s hard work! And I appreciate it! So this one’s for you guys.

Here are a pair of Ana’s Incarnate Mitts. They’re knit from a wool/soy blend, and they’re very soft. (I don’t knit with not-soft yarns. Life’s too short.)

A pair of mitts

You may be asking what must one do to acquire these mitts?

Here are the rules for this giveaway:

1. Reviews must be “substantial” (more than a couple of sentences).
“I liked it!” or “I hated it!” are valid opinions, but we’re aiming for something that will help potential readers decide whether this is for them. (I should add that it doesn’t even have to be a positive review. (Though I do love positive reviews.) Critical reviews count too. I won’t be reading the reviews, just glancing at the random winner’s to make sure it’s longer than a line or two. So say whatever you want. Even critical and negative reviews are useful and I’ll adore you all the same.)

2. Reviews must be posted on a retail site (like Amazon, B&N, Books-a-Million, Chapters, iBookstore, or an indie store that has a review spot on the book page).
This is the first time I’ve ever specified just retail sites. I know a lot of you have reviews on your blogs and Goodreads, too, and I love those, but taking a few minutes to copy and paste those reviews to a retail site where strangers will be looking for reviews — that’s enormously useful, and exactly what I’m hoping to encourage.

3. Reviews can be for any of my books, including INCARNATE, ASUNDER, INFINITE, and PHOENIX OVERTURE.
Used to be, I’d hold the giveaway for one book at a time, which limited the number of entries. This time, you have the potential to get points for four books, and you can use those same reviews on several different sites.

4. Paste the link for your reviews in the comment section of this post (on my website — not anywhere it feeds, as I won’t be tracking those). Every link counts for one entry. At the end of the giveaway, I’ll count up all the links and do a random draw.

5. I’ll be accepting entries until January 25 — a little over two weeks away. That should give everyone time to write up a quick review and paste it everywhere.

6. This giveaway is international. Because I love you guys.

7. There’s potential for a second winner!
If we end up with a ton of entries (whatever looks like a ton to me, or we hit some arbitrary benchmark for number of reviews on a site), I’ll pick two winners to get a pair of fingerless mitts. Yup. I knit a second pair of mitts just in case.

How’s that? Any questions?