Skip A Starbucks Day

Happy news! My dear friend (and amazing author) CJ Redwine is in the process of adopting her second daughter from China. CJ is one of the most loving, biggest-hearted people I know, and I couldn’t be happier for her.

The process for adopting Isabella is moving much faster than CJ and her family anticipated, so they’re having a fundraiser to help get the money to a) pay the adoption fee, and b) travel to China to get her.

Skip a Starbucks Day is easy. Instead of grabbing your daily $5 coffee (or whatever luxury), hop over to CJ’s blog and hit the donate button. Everyone who donates $5 will go into a drawing for a bunch of great prizes (I’ve added handknit mitts to the pot). Everyone who donates $10 or more gets their name on the back of a puzzle piece of one of Isabella’s photos, and CJ will put it into a two-sided frame so Isabella can see how many people cared enough to bring her home.

And that’s all! It’s super easy. And definitely worth a few bucks to help this sweet girl get home to her family.