News: Black Knife novellas

Black Knife Novellas announcement

That’s right: there will be four novellas starring the vigilante Black Knife (if you see him, don’t engage him yourself — he’s dangerous — but alert the proper authorities), releasing between THE ORPHAN QUEEN and book 2.

These are prequel novellas, but as with PHOENIX OVERTURE and the INCARNATE series, you probably want to read everything in the order of publication, not in chronological order. (I keep doing this to you? I keep doing this to me!)

So you’ll want to read:

OQ novella 2
OQ novella 3
OQ novella 4
OQ book 2

While you can certainly read the books (and novellas) without reading the novellas (or books), I don’t think you’ll want to. Though if you have magic, you might want to take extra caution when Black Knife is around. Flashers* who encounter him seem to vanish forever.

*common term for magic users.