Catching up!

The other day I realized that I’ve been so busy lately I’ve been neglecting this blog. I didn’t even post on INFINITE’s release day! So, here’s some catching up:

1. INFINITE is out! That’s an entire series of books. That’s amazing. I still can’t believe it’s real. When I go into bookstores and see my books there, I feel weirdly disconnected, like it’s someone else’s life. I’m not sure it will ever feel quite real.

But with all three books out, I get to make pretty piles of books like this.

Incarnate series without jackets

And it never gets old.

For the release of INFINITE, I went to Austin, Texas (Round Rock, specifically) with author Brodi Ashton. We signed books at The Book Spot (where there may be a few signed copies leftover if you want to order them). We did a couple of presentations at my former high school, which was really cool — and kind of amazing, since they built a new school recently and it’s enormous.

From there, we went to Parnassus Books in Nashville, TN, and signed books with C.J. Redwine and Myra McEntire. There might be some signed books left there, too. (You should ask before you order.)

It was a wonderful trip, filled with family and friends and airport hi-jinx. Unfortunately, the sky dumped a foot of snow on Virginia exactly at the time I was supposed to do some local-ish events with a few other friends, and I’m not brave enough to do that much driving in scary weather. But I’ll make it up to you, Virginia and North Carolina.

2. I’ve been working my tail off on THE ORPHAN QUEEN! One of the reasons I was so busy during release time is that we were really pushing the deadline for this manuscript, trying to make it as polished as possible before turning it in to copyedits.

So, I can’t tell you much about the novel yet, but here are a couple things you might be interested to know:

  • I’ve seen a few cover comps (drafts, not final) for this first book and you guys are going to scream when you see the final thing. Scream. It’s going to be so cool and amazing. The tone of the cover is very different from the INCARNATE covers, but, well, it’s a different series. And there’s definitely something spectacular about it that you’re all going to be talking about. 
  • There’s going to be a surprise inside! Well, not a huge surprise, considering the type of book it is, but it’s something that I’ve always dreamed of having in one of my books.
  • It’s officially (I think) a Winter 2015 book. I don’t think it has an official release date yet, but Winter means anywhere from January to the first half of April. So it’s only a year away!

Since the final draft is officially off to the copyeditor, I’m back to work full time on OQ2! It’s about halfway finished (I think, wordcount wise, but the amount of story left to tell is a little intimidating) and I’m excited!

3. Because I know all of you are wondering how the real stars of this show are doing — the ferrets! Well, Katniss is fully acclimated to the ferret room now. A week or so before I left for INFINITE traveling, she started snuggling with Todd, and he seemed to not mind. I kept them separate when I wasn’t around, but Todd gradually got over his dislike of her, and she gradually got over her (completely warranted) distrust of him. I left her little cage up while I was gone, but reports from Hubs indicate that she slept in the big cage with the boys. A few days after I got home, I took down the little cage (which caused some panic).

So, all is well in ferret land. They play. They snuggle. They cause trouble.

Katniss, Todd, Hiro
Katniss and Todd
Katniss and Hiro
That’s how I’ve been! How about you, internet land?