I still love copyedits

What’s this? Why, it’s my copyedits! And because a pile of papers (upside down so you can’t see what’s written) isn’t very interesting to look at, Ana, Sam, and the dragon are hanging out with it to make it look at least 10x more thrilling.

I’m dooooone with my copyedits for IN2! Today, they’ll be flying back to NYC. And commas help the person whose job it is to look at my green scribbles and figure out what words they’re supposed to be.

Last year, I blogged several stats on the copyediting process. I didn’t do that this year, though I did follow the same basic process: looking at all the edits, accepting or steting edits, and rereading the entire thing. I also noted that the manuscript grew a couple hundred words. The entire manuscript is almost 89,000 words, which is 7,000 words longer than INCARNATE.

Several people have asked me if IN2 has a title yet. Yes, it does! One day I will even tell you what it is. And what about IN3? Hmph. Currently it is called Ana Notitle. (But it will get a real title one day, I promise.)

Hmm. What else? I made a small, spoiler-freeĀ INCARNATE glossary for you. Also, note that awesome little menu on the side with other INCARNATE extras.

And for any tech-savvy people out there, a question about that little menu. I was able to create an extra widget area using the weaver advanced options thing. Then I could drag in my custom menu and replace other widgets with this one on individual pages. That worked nicely for this one. Then I tried to make another one, only the widget area wouldn’t hold widgets. Every time I refresh the page, they disappear. And yes, I saved. Any thoughts?

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