Two pictures of Todd

I don’t talk about Todd a whole lot lately, huh? Poor Todd. He just wants love!

He also really (really really really) wants to go play outside of the ferret room. I don’t let him into the rest of the house much, because he likes to scratch the carpet and get into places he shouldn’t, but every now and then, I follow him around the house and watch him bounce like a crazy thing.

Todd fluffytail

What’s going on in this picture? I’m not really sure. I think he was in the middle of trying to tunnel under the door.

Todd fluffytail

And here? He got into my husband’s office (that’s a code for “the place he keeps his video games) and was having the BEST TIME EVER smelling everything. His tail is bottlebrushed because he’s so excited.

I did try to take a video, btw, but . . . Todd is kind of a dark blur running through the living room. I felt lucky to get these two pictures.


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