Spinning Sunday

Mitts! I’m almost done with this pair of fingerless mitts. They’re out of my handspun yarn in a colorway called Phlox, 50/50% merino wool and tencel. It’s lovely, lovely yarn. The mitts just need thumbs!

Incarnate mitts

This is what I’ve been slooowly working on with the wheel. It’s taking forever because it’s faux cashmere — nylon — with really short fibers that need a lot of twist, especially since I’m spinning it so thin. But I’m nearly done with the first half. That tuft of fiber on the front of the flyer? That’s all I have left . . . of this half. But I may take a break from it with more of the silk caps I was spinning a while ago.  I think I took a break from those to spin this, thinking this would be a quick project.


Little Princess

And here’s my next spindle project. I finished the first half of the Red Velvet silk and decided to take a little break before spinning the other half. I asked Twitter, and Twitter really thought I should spin this camel/tussah silk blend.


It’s soooo soft and pretty. I love it! (And yes, I totally raided the after-Easter sale shelves for a butterfly box. Since I don’t have enough butterfly stuff in my house.)



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