Spinning Sunday

I’m getting closer to the end of my silk caps! This is how much I have left to spin.

silk caps

There are four loops in this picture. They’re pretty big, so I folded them over. They look big and fluffy, but they’re actually very light. There’s a lot of air inside them.

silk caps

Here you can see how fine the fibers are. The fluff by my finger will soon be twisted into yarn. The thicker part will be drawn away until it’s as thin as the rest. You can also sort of see how much of that is air¬†until it’s twisted into yarn.

silk caps

I think when I’ve spun all the singles, I’m going to chain ply it. That will keep the colors together and make it about three times as thick as it is now. I’m partly doing that because it means I don’t have to fiddle around until I find the other end of the yarn — you know, the one buried under all that — to two-ply it with itself. And I don’t want to ply it with anything else. I think it will be pretty when it’s finished.

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