Spinning Sunday

As I’d hoped to do this week, I plied the Little Princess faux cashmere yarn. It took forever. Sometimes the colors matched up, but most of the time I got a little barber pole with pink and blue or something. Okay. No problem. And once my niece tried to help me ply the yarn by pulling it off the bobbins more quickly than I could deal with. It was fine. I fixed it. (Except that one part.)

Then I got to the end of the first bobbin. And I had quite a bit left on the second bobbin. . . .

Well, okay. There are ways to deal with this. The easiest is usually to do an Andean wrap with the remaining yarn so you can ply from both ends. Just do the wrap, connect one end to the end of the other bobbin, and ply. Ta da! I’ve successfully done this before. I just did it on the Sonoma yarn I plied for last week’s post, and that was a three-ply yarn.

But I’ve also had this plan backfire on me before, usually with very fine yarn. And, my friends, the Little Princess is very fine yarn.

I decided to give it a try anyway. I wrapped for an hour. There was more yarn than I’d anticipated. I was quickly losing feeling in my middle finger. (Since the wrap involves lots of yarn going around the middle finger. I should have used a spoon as a brace. I knew this trick, but I thought I could deal without. And I did deal, but not happily.) Finally, I secured the end of the yarn on my wrist to the end of the yarn on the empty bobbin, and I started to ply.

The yarn tangled.

I tugged it free.

The yarn tangled again.

I fiddled a little more and continued plying.

The. Yarn. Tangled.

I gave up. No amount of tugging freed the yarn. At one point, I broke the yarn and secured it to a piece that wasn’t tangled, but that looked gross and really, I didn’t want to have to stop and do that every couple of feet. So I gave up. I spent an hour cutting off circulation to my middle finger and all I got was this tangle.

Tangled Little Princess

I haven’t measured the finished yarn yet. All this plying drama happened just last night because it took me all week to get to this point. But I’m sure it’s a lot. I’ll let you know whenever I get the courage to deal with this yarn again.

Plied Little Princess

This week wasn’t all Little Princess drama, though. I measured the Sonoma yarn; it’s 201 yards, and perfect, I think, to knit and felt a purse for a friend’s daughter.


Speaking of friends and their daughters, another friend just had one. This friend is always sending me awesome gifts, but she lives in a tropical climate and doesn’t need mitts or scarves or things in return. I’ve been racking my brain (that sounds so messy) trying to come up with something to send her. Finally, she was kind enough to have a baby, so I’m making a tiny cardigan out of some of my favorite handspun yarn. The pattern is Evelyn Cardigan (Rav link).

baby cardigan

I also decided to knit Belle the iPad a case. I’m naming it Beast. The yarn is Classic Elite Montera, half llama, half wool, and the pattern is the aptly named Cabled iPad Sleeve.


It looks better on than off.



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  1. “Finally, she was kind enough to have a baby…” I try. (= OOH! It will be the only cardigan she owns and I already know it’ll be her favorite since she is always chilly so she’ll be a happy snuggly lil bug in it. ^_^ Smooshes!

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