Spinning Sunday

This week was all about the spinning. I swear, I did work too, but . . . there was a lot of spinning time.

I plied and washed Neptune (Gale’s Art), a blend of BFL and silk. It came to 300 yards. (Forgive the ties. I haven’t had a chance to rewind the skeins.)

I have no idea what I’ll make with it, but I do like touching it.

Then, because I wasn’t spinning enough this week, I spun and plied and washed Sierra (Exclusively Linda Lee, now Girl Meets Spindle), 100% BFL wool. It came to about 254 yards.

This morning, I twisted both skeins together to see what it looked like. It looks like the earth and ocean.

Earth and Ocean
And on the wheel now, I have some 50/50% baby alpaca and silk. (From a shop that no longer updates.) I split the top in three, so I’ll spin each section and then ply them together. I think it will be a gorgeous, drapey yarn once it’s finished.

It sort of looks like fudge. Doesn’t taste like it, though.


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