This post has nothing to do with my lifelong dream of becoming a ferret when I grow up, but mentions it.

If you follow me on Twitter, you might know that I started working on another story. Incarnate 3 is with my editor. Sparkle Story is with my agent. And I . . . don’t do well with that weird, empty place between projects. I have a month or two before I’m expecting my edit letter on IN3, which leaves time to — what else? — work on another project.

Why don’t I wait for it? Why don’t I take the time to play with yarn and work on my lifelong dream of being a ferret when I grow up?

There are two (main) reasons.

1. I’m a writer. I like writing. It is my job, but it’s also fun for me.
2. IN3 is under contract. Sparkle Story is in my agent’s hands. I love both stories so, so much, but they are now work stories. Sometimes — rather, most of the time, for me — you need a secret project that’s just fun. Eventually it may become a work story (like Sparkle Story), but for now it can be a special treat.

I’m assigning a code name for this new project: Broadway Story. Not because it has anything to do with Broadway. I’m actually not 100% sure how this code name came to be, but I do know I’m blaming C.J. Redwine. There was something about a stampede of show-tunes-singing wildebeests or centaurs. . . . I  don’t know. But that was too long for a code name, so: Broadway Story. (No, it doesn’t have a real title yet. I don’t think I’m ever going to bother titling anything ever again.)

Since I’ve been doing all this work on Broadway Story and worldbuilding and plotting is on my mind, would any of you be interested in a few posts about how I’m going through this? I can’t give any details about it, but . . . maybe fun? y/n/m?


This post has nothing to do with my lifelong dream of becoming a ferret when I grow up, but mentions it. — 9 Comments

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