Spinning Sunday

After the baby alpaca/silk finished drying, I reskeined it and took another picture. Because it’s so pretty and you couldn’t possibly be tired of looking at it yet.

Baby alpaca/silk
Pretty, right? I like petting it.

I also finished working on Emeralds and Pearls, all 5.8 ounces of it. Corriedale, merino, silk . . . yum. It came out to about 414 yards after I 2-plied it. It hasn’t finished drying yet, so here it is with its ties on. I need to reskein it before I put it away in the yarn closet.

Emeralds and Pearls
And then because my ambitions weren’t big enough, I started on Tapestry (Dyepot). This is superwash merino wool and a little bit of alpaca. It’s delicious. There’s about a pound of it.

Yes. A pound.

Braided Tapestry
I actually got this fiber when I first started spinning. My thought process went:

1. I have one spindle! I will spin EVERYTHING.
2. I should buy three pounds of fiber. One pound of this color, one pound of this color, one pound of this color. . . .
3. I have now purchased three pounds of fiber. I want to buy more. Smaller batches because these one-pound batches of the same color will take a lot of time to spin and I have the attention span of a ferret.
4. Mooooar spindles! And fiber!
5. Maybe I should spin those big batches of fiber on a wheel whenever I get one.
6. Four years later: Hmm. I guess I could spin that last big batch of fiber. I still have swoony petpetpet feelings about the colors.

The other colors I bought during that huge order have already been spun up. (Some on a spindle, most on the wheel.) This is the last one.

I haven’t decided whether I’m going to 2 or 3-ply it. I might just see how many bobbins I fill up before I decide.

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