Spinning Sunday

The Emeralds and Pearls took a while to dry, but once it did, I skeined it up. Ta da! Picture time.

I’m pretty happy with how it turned out.

Emeralds and Pearls
And because I’m not allowed to spindle spin any more silk until I finish the Red Velvet, here’s the second half I started this week. I have a bobbin full of Red Velvet silk already. When this one is done, I’ll ply them together and have delicious silk yarn for . . . something. I dunno. I just like spinning silk.

Red Velvet
I also finished spinning the first bobbin of Tapestry. I have . . . a lot to go. I’ve probably got about four ounces on the bobbin. I had a little over a pound of this, total.

We’ll be here a while on this. But I’m really enjoying it.

Also, it kind of has ASUNDER colors. . . .


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