Spinning Sunday

This week, I finished a pair of mitts, a hat, spun some silk, some alpaca, and started working on my lace shawl again.

Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of the mitts before I sent them off. I’ve done this with a few pair of mitts now. My picture-taking brain cell is malfunctioning. But they were purple mitts and they were very pretty.

One of my local acquaintances is having a baby soon, so I knit a tiny Swirl Hat out of leftover yarn. I thought I could do it all in the light color, but then I finished the ribbing on the bottom and realized . . . no, I wouldn’t have enough yarn. So I pulled out the green as a nice contrasting color, thinking I’d have more than enough to finish the hat with that, if I did stripes for a bit.

You know that thing where you knit faster because you’re afraid of running out of yarn, even though knitting faster doesn’t actually help the situation? I was knitting at light speed. I’m pretty sure my light-speed knitting is the only reason I didn’t run out of the pale or green yarn. Because look what I have left over.

Swirl Hat
I live on the edge.

The pale yarn is some of my early handspun. Merino and bamboo, I think. The green is, I believe, merino and silk from KnitPicks. Gloss, maybe. I dunno. Most of my leftovers don’t come with labels anymore. There’s just a box of them.

You know, now that I think of it, this is the second time I’ve knit this hat. I didn’t take a picture of the first time, either. It was pink. It was very pretty.

I also worked on Omelet a little more, the perpetual lace project. I really, really want to like lace, because I like spinning it. But it takes so long to do one row when it starts getting big! And I tend to knit between sentences while I’m writing, or while I’m watching TV. It’s really hard to pay attention to both story and lace. Lace wants all of my attention. All of it.

But I decided to be brave yesterday. I fired up the audiobook of Sense and Sensibility to listen to while knitting. I added a little more than an inch while listening to chapters 1-27. (The green lifeline is the one I added yesterday after knitting two rows. So just a little before that is where I started yesterday. Several hours. For that tiny bit of shawl.)

The real problem with this project, though, isn’t me. (Anything but it being my fault! ;) It’s the needles. One of them has a split in the tip, which keeps catching the yarn. It makes life . . . interesting. Other than these, I’ve had good luck with Knitpicks needles, but . . . since these are being annoying and I would like to knit this shawl with as few obstacles as possible (my own skills and attention span are already against me!), I ordered new needles yesterday. Addi Lace needles. I can’t wait to get them. :D

I’m getting closer to finishing the Red Velvet silk, too. The spindle is starting to get heavy, but there’s not much silk left. Then I’ll be able to ply this spindleful with the other. (Once I finish the bobbin of merino/alpaca that’s on the wheel. No way do I want to ply all this silk on a spindle. It would take a week.)

Red Velvet
No, I have no clue what I’ll make with it when it’s finished. It depends on how much I have, of course. And how long I want to keep it as a pet.


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  1. So relieved I’m not the only person who knits faster when she runs low…also, I hear the all-important Addi Turbo “whooooshhhhhh” a la Cast On whenever someone mentions them. That red velvet looks luscious. So lovely!

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