Spinning Sunday

This week, I finished spinning the Blue Moon singles from Friends In Fiber. This is BFL/silk. I’m going to chain ply the singles and it should finish up to be a lovely sock-weight yarn. I loooove the colors in this.

Blue Moon
I also started spinning another BFL wool from Kitch06. I’m spinning two bobbins of this, a little thicker than the Blue Moon, and I’m going to ply both bobbins together.

Grape Crush
And last I finished Hearts for You for my niece. They’re still damp from their bath, but as soon as they’re dry, and as soon as I see her again, they’re going on her feet for a picture. She knows they’re coming (we had to try the foot on her to make sure they’d fit) and she’s very excited.

Heart socks
I’ve been working on my never-ending shawl and spinning silk on two different bobbins, too, but the progress doesn’t look like much. I guess I need another small knitted project. Maybe another pair of Incarnate Mitts.


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  1. Gorgeous colors!! You’ve been busy! Do you spin up some yarn between revisions? I usually like to take mental breaks and knit a few rows :)

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