Spinning Sunday

Yesterday (and today, but I didn’t go today) was the VA Fall Fiber Festival and it was goooood. Husband and I drove up about thirty minutes after opening. As we were walking in, we saw a woman hauling out a huuuuge bag of fleece she’d just bought. Husband kept saying, “I can’t believe there are this many people at a yarn show.”

I’m not sure if he thought we’d be the only people there or what, but it was pretty crowded so I’m glad we got there early and before the sun started burning people with a seriousness. (I am a delicate flower. Please keep me in the shade.)

Overall, I think I was pretty restrained. I didn’t kidnap an alpaca or angora bunny, though I was really tempted. If I had unlimited funds, I’d have bought one of everything. And ten fleece. Fortunately, Husband was there doing an admirable job of not cringing every time I made a purchase.

Here’s a shot of all the things!

VA Fiber Fest 2012
There’s silk (pink, blue, gold), Shetland wool (small bags), alpaca (blue), and seacell/banana/BFL (green). Aren’t they lovely? I can’t wait to play with them! Which ones are your favorites?

I did some actual yarning this week, too, but mostly I knit this pair of INCARNATE mitts.*

Incarnate mitts
And I spun a little more on Aqua Lava.

Aqua Lava
*Since I’m asked a lot: I give these away at signings, so if you want a pair, you’d better come see me. Or enter an online giveaway. Warning: I’m planning only one or two online giveaways for mitts this year.


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