Spinning Sunday

I got some good yarning done this week. I got the BBC PRIDE AND PREJUDICE on BluRay and watched the whole thing in one go; it was the perfect opportunity to (swoon and) ply Blue Moon, the BFL /silk (from Friends In Fiber) I’ve had on a bobbin for a couple of weeks.

To keep the colors lined up, I chain-plied the single and I loooove how it turned out. And 485 yards! Which means the single was almost 1500 yards. Hah. No wonder it took so long to spin. But I really am very pleased with it.

Blue Moon
The other wheel project I worked on this week was Grape Crush from KitchKnits Handyed. This is BFL wool, which I split in two to spin and two-ply into a fluffy yarn. I ended up with about 323 yards. Getting a picture of the finished yarn was pretty difficult; the light never worked out quite right, and then I had to deal with Kippy attempting to roll on the yarn. Not only that, it’s still a bit damp in this photo, so I haven’t had time to reskein it; it still has the ties in it.

Grape Crush
I finished spinning some alpaca on one of my bigger spindles this week, too. I left the singles on a toilet paper bobbin (so cheap, but so handy) to wait for later. Since I haven’t measured the single yet, I’m not sure how much I have (besides about two ounces) and I’m not sure what I’m going to do with it yet. Maybe one day I’ll take a picture of all the singles I have sitting on TP bobbins and you can help me decide.

And since I emptied a spindle, that meant I got to start filling up a new one, right? (Don’t mind the two spindles that currently have silk on them.) I got this BFL wool in Mississippi over the summer. It’s Fleece Artist, which I’d never tried before but would now like to declare my undying love to. YUP. I was afraid the wool was a little felted, but I gave the end a little tug to get the fibers sliding against one another and maaaaan it’s drafting out so nicely.

Unicorn spindle
And because I forgot last week after I gave the heart socks to my niece, here they are! She was thrilled when I gave them to her and she put them on right away. And then started running in them right away, so they slipped down. (I don’t put pictures of kids’ faces up, but here is Niece’s “the hills are alive with the sound of music” pose. Isn’t she a cutie? I love her so much.)

Heart socks on Niece
And finally, after seeing Authoress Anonymous’s first pair of mitts disintegrating on her hands recently, I had to knit a new pair of mitts to send her. These are Parnassus Mitts on some of my handspun, a wool and seacell (seaweed) blend from Creatively Dyed.

Parnassus Mitts


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