Spinning Sunday

I finished spinning the singles for the rainbow wool and silk! Here’s the outside layer, the red. (And a little peek at the orange beneath it.)

Rainbow wool
I haven’t had a chance to ply it yet, but I need to do that soon so I can spin the other two bobbins of my next project, Ironstone.

Ironstone is 5 oz of alpaca, merino, and silk from Spin, Knit, and Life (which appears to be closed, boo). It’s super soft. I’m going to spin two more bobbins of it and then ply all three together for a true three-ply yarn. (Will be easy to do that and keep the colors in line since there . . . is only one color.)

If you’re thinking this looks different from the kind of fiber you usually see me spinning — it’s not the long rope-like thing — good catch! This is a batt, kind of a pillow of fiber put together on a drum carder. It’s just a different way of preparing the fibers to be spun, and I like both ways.

I have no idea what I’ll make with either of them when they’re finished. What do you think I should make? The rainbow one will be a single long strand of rainbow colors, and the Ironstone will be . . . well. The color you see there.


Spinning Sunday — 6 Comments

  1. A hat? The Ironstone would probably be a LOVELY hat color. And the rainbow should be something long and beautiful that shows off ALL the colors. *nods*
    Of course, if you can’t decide on anything to do with them, I’m sure someone else would be willing to take them off yours hands. ;D

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