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Soooo. I’m back from the Jan/Feb leg of my travels. Obviously I did not blog about the traveling. I was too busy. um. traveling. Fortunately several lovely bloggers did!

Thanks for your great blog posts, guys! And if anyone else has written one, let me know in the comments so I can add it to the list.

I have one more event February on the 16th (Over the Moon Bookstore), so this isn’t a complete list, but . . . some of the highlights of my tour:

  • Meeting so many lovely bloggers and readers for the first time, and seeing some for the second (or more!) time! First and foremost, I went on tour to meet you. I’ll never make it everywhere I want to go, and I’ll never see as many lovely readers as I want to see, but the chance to see any of you is a blessing. Always.
  • Seeing Agent Lauren and Team Boston again. I love all these ladies so much it’s just ridiculous.
  • Seeing Editor Sarah again. Ditto the love. And this trip, I got to spend more time with her than before, which is always a yay.
  • Meeting so many of my Harper people, including Katherine Tegen (my publisher) and editors and marketing and publicity and my cover designer. Even the division president! Gosh that was so fancy. I’m still swooning just thinking about it.
  • Meeting the booksellers at the wonderful Brookline Booksmith, Books of Wonder, Flights of Fantasy, Fountain Bookstore, and Hooray for Books. And, as always, I love the Charlottesville Barnes and Noble, the Harrisonburg Books a Million, and Over the Moon.
  • Signing books with a ton of amazing authors, including Ellen Oh, Victoria Schwab, Cynthia Hand, Brodi Ashton, Teri Terry, Jocelyn Davies, Lenore Appelhans, Meagan Spooner, Meagan Shepherd, Kristin-Paige Madonia, and Hannah Barnaby, all who I had events with. These ladies are all so ridiculously talented I can’t believe I get to be in the same room with them sometimes.
  • I also got to meet and hang out (all too briefly) with ther authors, including Phoebe North, Erin Bowman, Leah Cypess, A.C. Gaughen, Sashi Kaufman (agent sister!), Bria Quinlan (agent sister!), Valerie Cole (agent sister!), Suzanne Young, Bethany Griffin, Matt Kirby, Jessica Spotswood, Miranda Kenneally, Diana Peterfreund, and several like Jodi Lynn Anderson who I know I was in the same room with but somehow missed having the chance to talk with.
  • King Snarkles. I know he’s a stuffed hedgehog. This does not make him any less important to me.

I know I’m forgetting to mention a ton of people. One of the tragedies of such an exciting tour is how quickly it passes, and how little time I have to reflect on the days’ events. But here are a few more moments that will stay with me always:

  • Yarn shopping with Alana! We were both very restrained, just by the way.
  • Seeing my first Broadway show with Brodi and Cynthia. We saw CHICAGO. I will now have the songs stuck in my head for eternity. (The name on everybody’s lips is gonna be . . . Roxie.)
  • Sitting around watching cat videos with Lenore, both of us in our PJs because writers don’t have to get dressed if we don’t want.
  • Across-the-table work mornings with Agent Lauren. She looked fantastic every morning. As established, I don’t get dressed until someone makes me. One of the major difference between agents and their authors right there.
  • Albany adventure with Phoebe.
  • Finally meeting Francesca, who I’ve known online for years but never seen in person. (Until now!)
  • Bug stories with JJ and SarahLP. I miiight have given myself nightmares. But don’t tell them because I was trying to be totally chill about the roach thing and the truth is I’m not. Still.
  • Anne’s amaaaazing rainbow cake.
  • The not-quite ear-dragging to dinner I got from Editor Sarah after she found out I’d eaten only cookies that day (which Lauren had packed for me, so basically I’d have starved without My People).

I suppose I’d better end here or I’d keep going. And really, the whole trip can be summed up like this:

I got to see people I care about. It was epic.


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  1. I’m still super excited about the fact that I got the chance to FINALLY meet you in person. Despite my awkwardness and inability to say things the way I would have wanted to say them, it was AWESOME. I hope I get to see you when you go on tour again for the third book. (P.S. I’m still excited that I got a photo with Ana and Sam!)

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