Birthday Giveaway! Win an ARC of Incarnate 3

So . . . today is my birthday. I don’t want anything. What I want is to give you the chance to win the very first ARC of Incarnate book 3. How can you enter? By giving someone else a gift.

For my birthday, I want you to give INCARNATE (and maybe ASUNDER!) to one of your friends. You can buy them a copy, loan them yours, or simply tell them about the series.

ARCs for IN3 don’t exist yet — heck, even the title and cover are still secret! — so the winner won’t get their prize until some time in June or July (whenever I get my ARCs). Yes, this is international.

This giveaway will run from May 2 (today) to June 2, and I will announce the winner on Monday, June 3 . . . and hopefully reveal the title, flap copy, and cover for the book. (I should have the final cover by then!)

To enter, just fill out the Rafflecoptor. Obviously I have no way of checking whether you’ve actually bought/loaned/told your friend about INCARNATE (and I don’t really want to, anyway), so I’m going to trust you to be honest. And seriously, my readers are some of the best people on the planet, so I’m not worried.

Happy birthday to me!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Other things going in the envelope:

photoTiny bag
UPDATE: Two days before the giveaway closes, there are almost 6,000 entries. If it reaches 10,000 entries by the time the giveaway is over, I’ll doodle up copies of INCARNATE and ASUNDER to send to the winner, too. Lofty goal? Yep. Impossible? Nope.


Birthday Giveaway! Win an ARC of Incarnate 3 — 50 Comments

  1. My birthday was actually the first! :D So we are very close!
    I actually have gifted my friend Julie the first book for Christmas last year. She STILL HAS NOT READ IT.
    Granted, at the same time I loaned her like 2 trilogies – all of the books, and a solo novel, so she has been overwhelmed, but still. She has disappointed me. D:


  2. Happy Birthday!!

    Right now I’m working on some Incarnate/Asunder inspired cupcakes as promised!!

    Thank you so much for such an awesome giveaway, and even more for making it international!!

  3. I totes just entered :-) I usually don’t enter your contests because I’m your bff and I *guess* I have to share you ;-) My tablet wouldn’t let me copy/paste the twitter URL, though. But of course I tweeted it.

  4. I could not get the countdown widget to appear on wordpress what am I doing wrong or do you have a wordpress countdown for the cover reveal, also I would love to be part of the cover reveal if you have people for that? Thanks

    • Hmm. I don’t have another countdown widget. Try using just the HTML and putting it somewhere?

      I don’t have anything major planned for the cover reveal — just the same thing I did last year with ASUNDER’s cover reveal. But you’ll be more than welcome to put the cover on your blog, too, if you like, and spread the word! The more people who see it, the happier I am!

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