Spinning Sunday

I’ve been pretty busy trying to keep up with other things lately, and haven’t had a chance to sit down and take yarn pictures — or even do as much yarn stuff as I’d like. But I have managed to fit in a few things over the last couple of weeks.

A few months ago, I received squares for the Knitting for Charity premature baby blanket, so I finally fiddled around to find a nice order for them, added a few squares of my own, and now I’m slooowly crocheting around them to make them into one bit (well, little) blanket. I’ll have a better picture when it’s all finished!

baby blanket in pieces
And remember there was a tank top I was working on a while ago. It’s finished. (Look! I’m one of those headless girls on a YA book cover!)

Lotus Blossom tank top
In May, my mom sent me an Etsy gift card for my birthday — spinning fiber money, obviously. So after much angst and careful squeeing over every fiber I could possibly find, I found a few things I wanted from Lucky Cat Craft.

Cashmere. (Yum. Who doesn’t want cashmere?)

Muga silk. (I’ve never tried this particular type of silk before. It’s naturally gold colored. Don’t you just want to roll around in it?)

muga silk
And ultra fine (16 microns) merino wool. Seriously, one can never have too much deliciously fine merino wool around the house.

ultra fine merino wool
The order was late getting into the mail, but all is forgiven, because she added this twist of mohair fiber. I haven’t spun much mohair!

And because of REASONS, I gave myself a tiny spindle. It’s Golding. It’s .42oz. The whorl is made of cherry wood. And I love it so much. I want to be with this spindle forever.

Tiny Golding!
They added this mini batt as a sample, which I immediately started to spin. I am incapable of restraint when faced with tiny batts and tiny spindles. There’s really only one thing I can do.

everything on a pinwheel spindle
Spin spin spin. (No, I don’t usually wind my cops like that, but I wanted to see all the colors and I wanted to do this. . . .)

pinwheel spindle with colors
The Aqua Lava silk is also coming along nicely. Slowly, but nicely. If you were here I’d let you touch it. Maybe.

Aqua Lava


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    • Thanks!! I’m pretty proud of the top. :)

      I’m excited to see how much Aqua Lava I end up with. I don’t know what I’m going to make with it, but I know it will be gorgeous!

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