Things I Like Thursday: Books

I’ve been neglecting this blog too much lately, what with writing PHOENIX OVERTURE and scrambling to catch up on other obligations. But I’ve been wanting to start a series on this blog called Things I Like Thursday, which I think is pretty self explanatory. Feel free to chime in down in the comments section, or write your own blog post, and talk to me about stuff that makes you happy.

Starting with something wee can all agree on: books.

I love books. I love the weight of them, the way the binding creaks the first time you open one. Oh, and the myriad ways books can look, with unique designs inside and outside, fun typefaces, and stunning jackets that make my bookcases exciting and inviting.

And, of course, the insides of books. I love the stories. I love getting lost in new worlds, diving into adventures and experiences I might not otherwise have. Books expose me to new ideas, new ways of thinking. The best books challenge me to make my own decisions, develop my own opinions. I’ll probably never have a chance to explore the galaxy on my own (reality has dashed those childhood dreams), but books can take me there. Time travel (and teleportation) has yet to be invented, which means my chances of making it to Victorian-era England (maybe with a side of steampunk!) are very slim — but books! Books can do that.

All through my childhood, books prepared me to experience the pain of a beloved pet’s death before it ever happened in real life, gave me friends when I felt like an outsider, and showed me that good triumphs over evil every time, even if it’s not in ways we expect.

Books have always been there for me. And I like them.

A peek at a couple of my bookcases.


Things I Like Thursday: Books — 11 Comments

  1. Wow, your shelves are certainly neater than mine. I see Anna, Forgive My Fins and Curse Workers! Love these series :-) So many books here that are awesome. I love how you can “travel” while reading. I want to see Japan so much, but I haven’t been able to go yet, but I’m read Ink by Amanda Sun and it has such beautiful descriptions, especially of the cherry blossom trees. And it’s also awesome that books can evoke emotions the way they do, I love to have a good cry with a wonderful book :-) Great post!

    Vyki @ On The Shelf

    • Haha! And they’re alphabetically organized. :D

      There are a lot of great books there! I’ve pruned it a little, giving the books to a teacher friend. But I looove those hardcover shelves. My husband is afraid we’re going to run out of room.

  2. I’m with you, I love books. And your shelves are so neat! Mine are doubled up and all over the place. I tried organizing them, but I just can’t figure out how I want them to be! LOL! I love getting lost in books. It’s so great to have a get away like that. I’m guilty of reading too many books at one time, tho. I need to finish up the few I have started and get on with it!

  3. I want to save this picture and use it as a to-read list, because I feel like I really haven’t read that many of the ones on there (but then again I can’t read some of those titles). It’s so beautiful.

  4. OH YEAH. I have SEEN this page. I think the visual of the picture where I can see all the books in one fell swoop just overwhelmed my senses. It happens basically every time I go to the library—it’s why I never manage to leave with a reasonably small stack. =P

    I shall, thank you. ^_^

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