Phoenix Overture coverToday, my digital-only novella called PHOENIX OVERTURE releases! It’s about Sam, from the INCARNATE novels. And I think you should read it.

Some things you might not know about this story:

  1. My friend Kathleen said that she really wanted a story from Sam’s point of view about his very first life. She wanted to know why he made the choice that’s revealed at the end of ASUNDER. I  wanted to write the story, and I even began researching it, but I didn’t think I’d be able to do anything with it until my editor was all, “Hey, want to write a novella about Sam?” (She didn’t say it like that. My editor sounds like a grown up when she speaks.)
  2. While I was writing the first draft of this, I was on a super tight deadline and I had almost daily library events for over a week. Because I was so stressed out, I made everything super hard on Sam, too. I think tweeting about that gave me a reputation with certain readers — a reputation I now feel obligated to uphold in all future novels. You’re welcome.
  3. While I was revising the story, I had a consultation for Lasik surgery . . . and they rejected me. (Alas! I’ll just have to continue finding the cutest glasses ever.) So because I got rejected, Sam got rejected, too. You won’t see that in the novella, because I couldn’t find a place to make it fit. But in this story, he tooootally gets rejected for Lasik surgery. ;)
  4. My working title for this novella was BAD THINGS HAPPEN (TO SAM).
  5. There’s a line in the story that made my agent, editor, and crit partners screech when they reached it. Oh, you’ll know it when you see it.
  6. If you’re a careful reader, you might notice a few lines that remind you of other lines in a certain book with a butterfly mask on the cover. Let me know if you find them!
  7. This is the only INCARNATE story where you’ll learn someone’s last name. Yes, there’s a double meaning in the one I chose.

PHOENIX OVERTURE is available in many places, including AmazonBarnes and Noble, and iBookstore. You can also add it to Goodreads and leave a quick review to tell others what you think!

And if you want a shot at getting a free copy, Pub(lishing) Crawl is giving one away! (Kat Zhang, who wrote the post, also said some really nice things about the story.)

This breathtaking and lyrical novella captures a thrilling and momentous decision for a young man and the people he loves. Told from the perspective of Sam, the sensitive musician from Jodi Meadows’s Incarnate series, lifetimes before he meets Ana, Phoenix Overture is a story of love and loss, strength and courage, and facing the consequences of the hardest of decisions.

Phoenix Overture offers existing fans a deeper insight into a favorite character and the intriguing history of Heart, while new readers will find a stunning introduction to this rich world and the romantic, captivating fantasy of the Incarnate series.

In the wilds around the Community where Sam and his family have taken shelter, life is dangerous. Dragons, trolls, centaurs, and other monsters fill the world. The word comes from the council that everyone must leave and journey to rescue their leader, Janan, who has been abducted by a mysterious new enemy in the north. Faced with overwhelming threats that bring death and destruction, Sam and the others reach the northern Range and, reunited with Janan, are given an unimaginable opportunity. Although it would give them the privilege to live and learn and love without fear, the choice is not without its own dire consequences. And lives—though not theirs—are sure to be lost. Just how much are they willing to give up to save themselves?

HarperTeen Impulse is a digital imprint focused on young adult short stories and novellas, with new releases the first Tuesday of each month.


PHOENIX OVERTURE is here! — 21 Comments

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  2. Is this book the fourth book to the series or is this just a book about Sam’s life? Sorry I am a bit confused. But I loved the Incarnate series! They were absolutley amazing!

    • I absolutely loved this series as well….such an disappointment and relief Ana had two guys care about her so much…<3:)
      disappointed that Cris ended up sacrificing himself to save Stef and Ana in Asunder tho…:(<3

    • Unfortunately I can’t! HarperCollins owns the rights for all editions, so the decision to put the novella out in paperback is up to them. If I tried to do it on my own, I’d be breaching the contract and they could sue me.

      But I would love for there to be a paperback (or hardcover) version of this novella. It’d just have to sell really well to convince HarperCollins that it was worth the expense.

  3. PLEEEEEEEASE JODI PLEASSSSSSE MAKE A NEW BOOOK HOW DID SAM AND ANA FINISH THEIR LAST LIFE TOEGETHER?????? I’m obsessed with your incarnate series it’s probably my favourite series in the entire world I cannot sleep at night!!! lol

  4. By The Angel! I just realized this book! In Brazil just are published Incarnate, Asunder and Infinite. I finished to read Infinite yesterday, and I’m kinda of crazy, I really loved the story. Sam’s the cutest character of all. Ana’s so brave, I’m in love! And now, I just Realized there is another one book, it’s a Sam’s book. I just need right now!

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