Sashi Kaufman: writer and superhero (interview)

Good news! My friend and agency-sister Sashi Kaufman has a book out tomorrow. It’s called THE OTHER WAY AROUND (Lerner/Carolrhoda Lab) and I’m here to give you an exclusive look at the real Sashi Kaufman.

There’s no way you can prepare yourself for this awesome, so sit down and hang on.

Author 4 -mini1. You’re a superhero. What does your costume look like?
My costume is silver — probably a pants and shirt with some sort of sequined belt.

2. Oh my gosh. You own the flashy! So, you just saved twenty small children from a bus about to tip over the side of the Golden Gate Bridge (or something). What do you do now?
Distribute homemade potato flour donuts and coloring books with fresh pointy crayons.

3. Gosh. Could fresh pointy crayons be more perfect? That will keep all the children busy until their parents arrive! Oh, I forgot to ask: what is your superpower?
I can fly, natch. And I have the ability to exist within any fiction book of my choosing.

4. That is so cool! What is your favorite kind of pen? (You can answer as Superhero Sashi or your alter-ego.)
I like “found” pens and by that I mean any unclaimed pen that I happen upon. Sometimes the line between that and stealing gets a little fuzzy, but I’m always on the side of justice and finders keepers.

5. Fuzzy like the line of a found pen that’s almost out of ink? Ahem. Last question: if you (Superhero Sashi) were going to recommend your book to us, how would you make us read it?
My book is best read in an enormous quilted hammock hung between two pine trees on the rocky Maine coast on a sunny, seventy degree, insect-free day. It is also best read in three sittings with delicious snacks between each course.

That sounds perfect, and I will definitely keep it in mind as I read my copy! Thanks so much for sharing these details of your superhero life with us, Sashi!

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Obviously, for the sake of Sashi’s loved ones, her bio is a little more normal:

Sashi is a middle school English and science teacher who lives in Portland, Maine with her husband and daughter. Her debut YA novel The Other Way Around is launching on March 1st. She is also an amateur trash picker.


Andrew has seen a flash of his future. (Dad: unfinished PhD. Mom: unfulfilling career. Their marriage: unsuccessful.) Based on what he’s seen, he’s uninspired to put a foot on the well-worn path to the adulthood everyone expects of him. There must be another way around.
After a particularly disastrous Thanksgiving (his cousin wets Andrew’s bed; his parents were too chicken to tell him his grandmother died), Andrew accidentally (on purpose) runs away and joins the circus. Kind of.
A guy can meet the most interesting people at the Greyhound station at dinnertime on Thanksgiving day. The Freegans are exactly the kinds of friends (living out of an ancient VW camper van, dumpster diving, dressing like clowns and busking for change) who would have Andrew’s mom reaching for a third glass of Chardonnay. To Andrew, five teenagers who seem like they’ve found another way to grow up are a dream come true. But as the VW winds its way across the USA, the future is anything but certain.
The path of least resistance is a long, strange trip.


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      • The reminder that destruction is the greatest form of creation is very important for the evolved to know, So as we destroy the heartless drones that populate our suburb landscape, we must remember we are creating an amazing life for us and our children to come. Thx

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