Monthly Roundup: October

The end of October?? I’m not ready yet! I still have so many things to do this year!

Actually, today (October 31) is kind of a special day for me, because it’s the day I decided that if I wanted to be a writer, I’d better darn well write. It’s the day I made the decision to write full time and not let anything stand in my way of getting published. Today, in 2003, I started writing my first full-length finished manuscript.

And furthermore, today, back in 2009, I started writing INCARNATE (my first published novel). It was the day I thought that no matter how much trying to get published hurt, I would keep writing. So I finished working on the notes and synopses and worldbuilding for a book I’d been too afraid to write years before — and I started writing INCARNATE. I thought that no one would ever read it! I just knew I loved writing, so I kept doing it no matter what.

So obviously, as I do every year when I’m home, tonight I’m going to curl up in a giant blanket (because it’s freezing out there) and write my heart out. Sorry, trick-or-treaters. I ate all the candy.

What I’ve been working on: This month has been busy! It seems like I’ve been gone most every weekend for some kind of event. It’s a ton of fun! But it’s also a lot of work and I haven’t had much time to write. Part of that is because I spent a while putting off First Pass Pages for MY LADY JANE, and had to crash through them right before they were due. (Oops.) Buuuut, that means JANE is one step closer to becoming a finished book!

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I’m still working on Cell Story. Between travel and family obligations, I’ve managed to squeak in a bit more progress. I’m about 65,000 words into the story and still feeling great about it. Hopefully, I’ll have the first draft done by the end of the year. (Or sooner would be nice.)

What I’ve been reading: Uhh. Unless you count MY LADY JANE, it seems I’ve read only one book this month — SWORD AND VERSE by Kathy MacMillan, which I thought had really cool worldbuilding and intriguing conflicts. I also read a manuscript for a friend, but that’s not something I can talk about. (Yet.)

What I’ve been watching: Hubs and I finished watching ARROW and FLASH, both which I love. (Since we don’t watch shows as they air, we watch DVDs a year later, so we’ve just finished season 3 of ARROW and season 1 of FLASH. No spoilers!) I could have happily put the discs in again and started over, but he thought we needed to move on to another show sitting on our shelves, so we watched season 5 of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES so we can get ready to watch season 6. We’re also working through THE ORIGINALS. I guess October is Shows With Spinoffs Month for us.

What I’ve been yarning: I did some spinning on the super fine white wool earlier this month, and I was going to keep doing that until my sister reminded me that her child in progress is due in February, so I got started on a baby blanket for her. 

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What the ferrets have been up to: The ferrets love boxes, and at some point Todd dragged a blanket into a cardboard box and snuggled inside. Since then, I’ve had to move the blanket out to wash it and clean the floor and stuff, but I keep putting it back in, and I keep the whole setup by my desk — because both ferrets will come over and sleep in their blanket box right next to me while I work.

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What the Kippy has been up to:

The queen of all she surveys. #catsofinstagram

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Other things you might be interested in: You might have heard that the cover for MY LADY JANE has been released! And not only can you gaze upon the beauty and sass, but you can read the prologue already!

And you can make some preorders:

THE BURNING HAND (OQ novella 3) is coming out in December.
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THE BLACK KNIFE (OQ novella 4) is coming out in March.
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THE MIRROR KING is coming out in April.
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MY LADY JANE is coming out in June.
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