Monthly Roundup: November

What I’ve been working on: This month, I’ve been working on a lot. I’m still hard at work on Cell Story — and almost finished with it (at last!), but I also went to Utah to work on something with the other Lady Janies (Brodi Ashton and Cynthia Hand). It was a pretty exciting trip! And in spite of some calamities, we managed to get a lot of work done.

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What I’ve been reading: What’s that? Behind again? Yes. And to make myself feel better, I lowered my Goodreads Challenge from 75 books to 52 books, because I couldn’t take the “you’re twenty books behind schedule!” notification every time I logged in. As soon as I finish writing Cell Story, though, I am going to be all over reading.

        • ASSASSIN’S HEART by Sarah Ahiers (ARC) — This one had some really, really cool worldbuilding, with fierce characters and fighting. I loved the complex relationships between the assassin houses.


  • BURNING GLASS by Kathryn Purdie (ARC) — Awesome worldbuilding, truly scary empathy, and a bit of swoon. I really enjoyed this one and will be recommending it to people looking for a great high fantasy with romance.



     What I’ve been watching: Hubs and I just finished getting through the latest season (that’s on DVD) of THE VAMPIRE DIARIES, and we started watching the latest (on DVD) of THE ORIGINALS. We also went to go see MOCKINGJAY pt.2, which made me cry, of course. With the Janies, I watched lots of stuff, but notably the first part of DEADWOOD, which I liked a lot more than I thought I would!

What I’ve been yarning: I’m still working on a baby blanket for my forthcoming nephew. This photo was taken when all the rectangles were done, but now I’ve had a chance to sew them together. I’m almost finished!

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What the ferrets have been up to: The cold weather makes them even more snuggly.

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What the Kippy has been up to: We’ve been having our bathroom remodeled, and therefore keeping Kippy locked in the bedroom so the construction guys won’t scare her/accidentally let her out by leaving the door open. So she’s been kind of miffed about the whole locked away thing. But . . . she’s still cute.

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Other things you might be interested in:BurningHand_Impulse

THE BURNING HAND — the third OQ novella — is coming out tomorrow! (December 1.) Chapters five and six of THE MIRROR KING will be in the back of this one, so if you’ve been getting all the novellas, you’ve got a nice little collection of MK by now! The last novella — THE BLACK KNIFE — will be out March 1.



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  1. I can’t wait to read Burning Hand! Haha I know about that “twenty books behind schedule” thing, Goodreads tells me I’m like 35 books behind from my goal of reading 105 books. I’m currently at 60 books read.

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