Giveaway: THE MIRROR KING quote cards

MirrorKing HCUPDATE: I’m out of quote cards! The giveaway is over. 

It’s that time!

THE MIRROR KING is available for preorder, and for those of you who remember what happened last year, this will be easy peasy. I did some calligraphy. On cards. Of MIRROR KING quotes this time. And I want to give these cards to you!

Here’s how you can get one of your very own:

1. Preorder THE MIRROR KING.
2. Take a photo of the receipt/forward your order confirmation/take a screencap (whatever you can easily do) — just send some sort of proof to me at unicornwarlord (at) gmail (dot) com. (Yes, you can delete any personal information you don’t want me to see. But I promise I won’t be looking at it, just the preorder confirmation bit.)
3. Make sure you include your address exactly as it needs to be on the envelope. (I’m buying a lot of stamps for this and we’ll just have to pray that everything makes it. I can’t resend.) If you put your name and address on the very top of the email so I can find it right off, that will be super helpful.
4. Yep, this is international, too. (If you’re not in the USA, be extra clear about your address.)
5. If you preorder multiple copies, yes, you get multiple cards. One for each copy. Tell me at the top of the email, along with your address.

That’s it! Let me know if you have questions.

I’ll send quote cards until I run out (I’ll announce when I run out, but right now I have about 150) or until April 1, whichever comes first. Right now, this is the only way to get one of these cards. Think of them as a special thank you for supporting THE MIRROR KING before it even comes out.

Here are a few handy links:, IndieBound, Amazon
Barnes and Noble, Book Depository, Books-a-Million
Chapters, iBookstore, Kobo, Powell’s

If you want to preorder from one of the stores I’m visiting and get a signed copy (what a great idea!), here’s a list:

One More Page Books
THE MIRROR KING hardcover, US only
THE ORPHAN QUEEN paperback, US only

Brookline Booksmith
(leave a comment if you want it signed/personalized, and for international mailing, make a note in the comment field and the owner will contact you with shipping information)

Book Spot
(Will ship internationally.)


If you preorder from these stores, not only will you receive a quote card in the mail, but you will get a special card stuffed into your book. You’ll also give a ferret its wings, because ordering from indie stores is good for you.

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  1. Emailed you twice. One was an accident so I sent a corrected one with everything you needed. :) I am sooooo excited!

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