Mitt giveaway!

Many of you have noticed I’ve given away a few pair of mitts on Twitter, but blogland is sadly lacking in mitts.

Don’t be sad. I’m going to give a pair of mitts to you, too. THESE mitts.

giveaway mitts

A few things to remember:

1. This is international.
2. These mitts are wool. They’re ridiculously soft merino wool, so sensitive skin should be okay. (Mine is.) But if you’re honest to commas allergic, you should plan on giving them to a friend.
3. You may enter each giveaway only once. However, you may enter multiple giveaways. So, for example, I’m doing a Twitter giveaway while I do this one. You can enter both of them if you want.

Now . . . how to enter. You can do one, two, or all three of these things. Whichever you prefer!

1. One of the major themes in INCARNATE is dealing with newness. In the comments, tell me about a time you felt new or out of place. How did you overcome it?
2. Create some kind of INCARNATE-themed artwork. You can draw, knit, make a mosaic, whatever. It can be anything out of INCARNATE. For example: dragons, butterflies, music, masks. You decide. I just want to see you be creative. (Keep it rated G, also.) You can put the picture in the comments, or put it on your own blog and add a link, that way everyone can see it. :)
3. Tweet or FB about this giveaway. You can do both if you want, but it still counts for one point. You can use something like: I entered to win a pair of INCARNATE @jodimitts at

You can do all of those things for a total of eight entries into a random drawing. Or you can choose one or two things. Whatever you want to do.

Since this giveaway will involve some work for anyone who wants to do INCARNATE art, this will be a longer giveaway. It will run through January 28. Entries will close at 10pm Eastern.

And remember to fill out the form so a) I can contact you if you win, and b) your entries count!


Mitt giveaway! — 31 Comments

  1. I definitely felt new and out of place this year when I got placed in a dorm room with 4 sophomores who were already friends and I was just a freshman. I overcame it by being friendly and talking books :D

  2. HAHA funny you ask this, I always feel new to place since my husband is in the military and we have moved to a new place or new house every year for the past 7 years I have ad to make new friends and love the good ones I have had:( It is very hard to do and takes time to adjust to the place and the people and try to find new friends really it kind of stinks but I try to do what I can to make new friends!

  3. I felt out of place when I went to college! Different people and for me it’s really hard meeting people, I’m so shy!
    I overcame it with time…just waiting and dealing with all the things that were so new to me. And with one person who helped me a LOT!

  4. I’m actually feeling out of place right now. I just moved to a new city a couple weeks ago and though I love the city itself, I’m still having trouble finding my place in it. I’m hoping to figure out ways to get myself out of my comfort zone so I can make friends :]

  5. I’m a very awkward and socially incompetent person so pretty much when I have to talk to… anyone, anywhere, anytime. But in 2nd grade I changed schools and it went surprisingly well. For some reason at that school everyone loved new people, and I was less awkward then. Sorry if this didn’t answer your question lol xD I suppose I have yet to overcome feeling out of place in new situations xD

  6. I felt most out of place when we moved to Montana from southern California. The locals don’t exactly embrace Californians, and it was a challenge. I overcame it by being friendly and joining in local traditions, as well as doing my work well. I’m still considered “new” (after 9 years), but not a stranger anymore.

  7. When I started High School I didn’t know anyone. Everyone I went to primary school with went to a different high school. And everyone at my high school all went to school together previously. So I tried to be friendly and nothing was happening because they were all cityish type kids and I was from the country. So I ran home crying to my mama. My mama prayed I’d get some friends and well. I did. I went through quite a few groups of friends because alot were really immature. Finally I found a group that were just like me.
    This experience was very new for me. I was a VERY sociable person when I was younger. I turned extremely shy because of high school and that is still causing problems now when Im finished with it.
    Sorry for the long tale. But you asked for it :)

  8. When I started high school, I had just skipped a grade, making me two years younger than everyone else. And my parents were both teaching at the school. And it was a tough-love school for the spoiled kids of the wealthy, which totally didn’t describe me or my family. Nobody there was remotely like me.
    The one other kid who was an outsider, was the token black. It must’ve been hard for him. He was small, and truculent. I guess I was the only one smaller than him. By rights, we should’ve become friends. But instead he followed me around asking whether I wanted to fight. Well, no, I didn’t.
    I read a lot that year. And took a lot of long walks in the surrounding woods, looking for the secret Appalachian saucer base.
    Fortunately the next year my parents moved to the school for kids whose wealthy parents had given up on straightening them out and just wanted them out of the way. Things were much more relaxed there.

  9. I remember walking in to welcome orientation at college. I overcame the scary newness by randomly picking someone out in the crowd and talking to her. She turned into a friend. :D

  10. A time where I was new/out of place.
    I just moved back to Maine to be a snowboarding instructor. I’ve never had a lot of confidence, and the first few days of training were awful. Two weeks prior, I’d just had knee surgery, and was barely cleared to instruct. I was terrified, slow, and hadn’t seen snow in two years (moved from the OBX of NC).
    Then and there I started setting goals; be able to keep up, be able to jump, be safe, don’t hurt my knee…
    The good news? Today, I rocked!

  11. I feel out of place almost everywhere I go that’s new, or that has people I don’t know. It’s something I struggle with all the time. Many times, I chicken out from going at all. I deal with it by realizing that there are other people shy like me, and maybe they’ll be there, too. I try to not appear “stuck-up” which I know is common when shy people appear in public and try not to make eye contact.

  12. When i felt like a newbie: I moved to Australia a few years ago along with my immedate family, for a time i felt so out of place out here, but now i can’t imagine being anywhere else!
    For the art thing: I made a lovely bookmark for when i read Incarnate (only a couple of weeks until the Book Depository ships it out to me!). I guess it’s just the inner obsessive compulsive in me, but i always crop the cover of a book into a bookmark, it looks so pretty and neat!

    Can’t wait to read the book

  13. I am a pretty outgoing person, so I don’t know that I have ever really felt out of place. I try to dive right in and not let myself feel awkward or anything. I am sure I have felt that way at some point, but it has been a while.

  14. My first book signing it was for Anne Rice’s Lasher back in the 90’s I felt very new! There were all of these people who weren’t afraid to talk to her and get their pictures taken. When it was my turn to get my books signed my hands were all clammy and I couldn’t think of a word to say!

  15. I felt really out of place the night I met my husband. I have always been a private person liking the quiet of a library to a large group. That night my friends dragged me out to a club on the sub base (this was pre 9-11 so all you needed was to know someone and have an ID). The moment I walked in I felt like meat on sale in a display case but eventually I loosened up had a fabulous time and met my eventually husband who coincidentally had been dragged out to meet us by his friend.

  16. I don’t think this has really happened to me.
    No. I’m lying.
    Bad me.
    When I used to dance I went to a contempory workshop and everything was a little weird, different and the teacher- urgh! She was nasty, excpet the kind of nasty that would make crude comments about the younger groups she taught, and about people in our group, and think it was funny. Wrong choice lady. Well, I stopped going, because it was fairly pointless. It worked! ( :

  17. Every time I start a new class I have that moment when I feel out of place. In college I tended to be the quiet worker who did assignments, but feared speaking up in front of my classmates. I don’t know if it’s good or not, but all my grad school classes have been online and I tend to be very vocal and put myself out there with questions and comments. I’m not sure if this is because of the different medium or because I’ve matured and come to realize my voice is just as important as others, but overall it’s been a good change.

  18. Your mitts are awesome!!!! I really, really want a pair! I can’t knit…. so i hope I can win a pair. Thank you a awesome giveaway!

  19. Thanks for the opportunity! I made an art box – Flora in Bling.

    I felt most out of place as “monitoring biologist” for endangered species on a major construction site. I had to keep an eye on hundreds of tough guys from Idaho and Montana, usually the only woman on site. Every new crew tested me so I had to be tougher, time after time. Interestingly, only after I proved myself a “b—-,” was it possible to become friends.

  20. Oh wow… I so rarely feel out of place. If I do, I grab someone and make them my place. XD No, I am not a rare extroverted writer. The definition of an introvert is someone who *recharges* by being alone, as opposed to an extrovert, who *recharges* by being around other people.

  21. I only ever feel awkwardly new when I go on vacation to a new place. i try and do as much research as possible and study maps too so I don’t feel like such a dork :)

  22. A time I felt new was when I moved during my senior year of high school to live with my relatives for college tuition. I was really lonely and unhappy but after the initial homesickness, I got over it and I enjoy living here a lot more now!

    I made a fake film poster for Incarnate!

  23. I’ve felt new or out of place plenty of times, and I’m sure I will again! Usually it’s when I go to a new place or attend an event or something where I don’t know anyone. Going to Uni was an experience like that – leaving home for the first time, moving into a dorm, starting completely new classes. Going to conferences and conventions, though I’ve attended many, still have me nervous at first! I overcome it though by joining in, introducing myself to people – getting out there and giving it a go, overcoming my shyness. My first day of Uni I was a mess. I turned up to my first class early and sat outside watching people pass, and a girl going by commented that she liked my bag. When I went into class, she was there and I was sitting right near her. It was so funny, we kept sneaking glances at each other and then finally I got up the courage to say Hi. Ten years later she’s one of my best friends!! I guess you could say I overcome that new or out of place feeling by making a friend – that way I know someone and I’m no longer new or feel out of place because someone is right there with me. :-D

  24. Arriving in Canada when I was 9 made me feel so new and out of place. There was a language barrier but I just kept trying. Thank god everyone was so accepting, I got along well with the new people around me. Thank you Canada!

    I made a gif of all the beautiful butterfly related stuff together. I was about to put it in the Incarnate blog tour but it was too much. So here it is to the blog post. :)

    Shared it on FB:

  25. I felt out of place when I had my first real patient. I’m an optometrist and when I examined the eyes of my first real patient, everything felt so new. I had been examining eyes for years, but if felt like I forgot everything. I overcame this newness because I had to. This was the rest of my professional career we were talking about. So I took a deep breath, told myself I could do this and finished my eye exam with no problems.

    As for art work, here is a link to my first (and probably my last) oil painting that I finished yesterday. I think I should stick to my day job…

    I also tweeted:!/StephLrx/status/163324603798786048 (@StephLrx)

  26. For the longest time I used to feel out of place in my own family. I’m sure this had nothing at all to do with the fact that my older sister was telling everyone at school that I was adopted. Okay, it had everything to do with that. It didn’t help that, at the time, my other siblings had blonde hair and round blue eyes and I have dark hair and dark eyes with a slight almond shape (I now have younger siblings who also have dark hair and eyes with a slight almond shape).

    I believed my sister for a few years even after our mom sat me down and shared the story of my birth and showed me her c-section scar. I got over it by finally trusting my mother’s version of things and growing up (I was six when I started school).

    I drew a butterfly/dragon/music picture but I don’t know how to insert it in the comments. I posted it on my blogs (yes, plural–two on blogger, one Word Press, and the LJ–I’ll leave the LJ link) and linked to the contest:

    I also posted about the contest on my FB:

    And tweeted about it: @justJoanS

  27. When i start a new job. Everyone knows each other and have sometimes worked together for years. You just have to find things that are interesting to them to talk about.

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