Something big is happening next week

Something big is happening next week!

Cover art for INCARNATEYes, that too. And something else is happening next week, as well. It involves almost fifty book bloggers. Interviews with publishing professionals, characters, and yours truly. The INCARNATE playlist, caption contests, quizzes, and contests. My mystery knitting project.

And, of course, prizes like signed books, fingerless mitts, and other stuff I’ll tell you about next week.

It’s going to be huge. I hope you’re ready for it. Keep an eye out here, and on book blogs all over the internet.


Something big is happening next week — 2 Comments

  1. I have just finished reading Incarnate for the second time! (I got an advanced reader copy to preview for a local book store) I read it in 10 hours then started re-reading it as soon as I was finished. I LOVED IT! I haven’t loved a book this much since I first read Twilight. Oh, and Ana and Sam are real, I don’t care if you think Jodi Meadows made them up, they are living breathing people. I couldn’t stand it if they weren’t.
    By the by, I am a middle school librarian (and a knitter) in Ohio and I am buying at least three copies for my library and telling my 40 book club kids they have to read it as well! Oh, and I guess I have to say something about ferrets even though I am not in on the joke, but everyone else seems to work them in, so….ferrets!!!

    • Thanks, Laura! I’m so glad to hear you enjoyed reading INCARNATE! And wow, TWICE! That’s awesome! Thanks so much for spreading the word about it. :)

      Yay yarn!


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