Spinning Sunday

Since I finished the Mystery Project, I was a spinning MACHINE this week! I finished Songbird!


I chain plied the yarn to keep the colors lined up together, and I really like the result. The yarn is soft and fluffy, and should be nice next to the skin. (Not that I have spent a lot of time rubbing my cheek against it. No, why would I do that?)

It turns out, Kippy really likes Songbird, too. Somehow, she knew the name . . . and wanted to eat it. (She did not get a chance to eat it. I hid it from her after.)

Kippy and Songbird

And then I started spinning Morning Glory.

This is a batt from Butterfly Girl Designs (you may remember her as the seller who made the Incarnate batt), and it has merino wool, bamboo, and a little bit of silk and sparkle.

I. Am. In. Love.

Morning Glory

I’m spinning it to be a two-ply yarn. The colors probably won’t line up, and it will be a little thick and thin, but it’s going to be soft and squishy and have a beautiful drape. I will probably rub my cheek against it, too.


Spinning Sunday — 2 Comments

  1. Oh yes! I love both of them, too. And I already finished the singles of Morning Glory!! I wanted something quick to spin, and this was it! It’s going to be such a lovely yarn!

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