Incarnate came out today

Today has been overwhelmingly awesome. There have been so many kind emails, messages on various social media, and calls.

I always hoped that someone would love my stories and connect with them in the way I do with books I really, really love, but I admit that a small part of me thought that would never happen, not in real life. But I’ve gotten so many heartfelt notes from people who seemed to really love INCARNATE and understand it on this soul-deep level. (Yes, I said it. *g*) It’s just . . . wow. It’s real. It happens. People feel like that about INCARNATE. It’s truly amazing.

I have smiled so much today. I’ve said “thank you” a hundred times, and I still have more thank yous to say. I may never be able to fully express how grateful I am for all the encouragement and enthusiasm I’ve received, and all the love shown for INCARNATE.

From the wonderful publishing professionals who’ve helped INCARNATE become a real, physical (and digital, and audio) book, to the booksellers and librarians and book bloggers who read early copies and raved, to the people in my personal life like family and friends and crit partners, and to the readers just discovering INCARNATE: I’m grateful for every one of you, and I won’t be able to say it enough, not ever.

But thank you: to those who’ve read INCARNATE and to those who are about to give INCARNATE a try. This is the book of my heart. I hope you all enjoy it.


Cover art for INCARNATE

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Incarnate came out today — 21 Comments

  1. I’m impatiently waiting for Dan*Dan*TheUPSMan to get here with my copy!! Congratulations on all the wonderful reviews I’ve read … INCARNATE sounds phenomenal!!

  2. Just finished Incarnate, it was incredible. I different like the part where she


    Killed Meuric, (he didn’t seem like such a bad guy) but I enjoyed the rest of the book. Loved Sam’s character.

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