How Being a Writer is Like Being a Pink Fairy Armadillo

Pink Fairy Armadillo on Wikipedia.

1. The Pink Fairy Armadillo is pink.

Some writers are, too.

2. It is a nocturnal animal.

Many writers get their work done in the middle of the night.

3. It has the ability to, within seconds, bury itself completely when frightened.

This . . . is just like being a writer.

4. The Pink Fairy Armadillo burrows through the ground by agitating the sand and swimming through it.

Like a writer through a story.

5. Their conservation status is “data deficient.”


6. It has a shielded head to prevent abrasions from the sand.

I’m pretty sure there’s a comparison here with sand and stories and non-writers saying, “How do you come up with these ideas!?” That’s because writer brains are protected from story¬†abrasions.

7. It eats ants and ant larvae.

This sounds disgusting to most people, but so do a lot of writer snacks.

8. Occasionally it eats worms, snails, insects, or various plant and root material.

We call this “variety.”

9. It’s the smallest species of armadillo.

10. I’m not sure where the fairy comes from. Maybe they will take you into another realm and time will go by differently and when you come back everyone you love will be very old?

That’s what writing a book is like.


How Being a Writer is Like Being a Pink Fairy Armadillo — 4 Comments

  1. First I checked the Wikipedia link, and I was all: “D’aww!”, especially when I read that it could fit in the palm of my hand!

    Then I google image’d it, and my heart got all fluttery. ADORABLE.

    I hope data deficient means there are plenty of babies, because a pink shelled animal is proof of magic to me.

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