How Being a Writer is Like Being a Velociraptor

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1. In JURASSIC PARK films, the velociraptor was shown with anatomical inaccuracies, including being much larger than it was in reality and without feathers.

Writers are often misrepresented in movies. For example, the lack of pajamas . . .

2. The jaws were lined with 26–28 widely spaced teeth on each side, each more strongly serrated on the back edge than the front—possibly an adaptation that improved its ability to catch and hold fast-moving prey.

Writers don’t have these, but it would be incredibly useful for catching plot, inspiration, or those genius ideas we have just as we’re falling asleep. You know, the ones we swear we’ll remember in the morning.

3. They had an enlarged claw that was most likely a predatory device used to tear into prey, possibly delivering a fatal blow.

Writers have a delete key.

4. They had feathers.

So do some writers.

5. Velociraptors were most likely warm-blooded. Probably. Sort of like a kiwi. I think.

Writers tend to be warm-blooded, too. I think.


How Being a Writer is Like Being a Velociraptor — 2 Comments

  1. What a fun post. It was nice to read something that made me smile after a long day writing. I will have to be certain to share it with my husband. He has similar views on the lifestyle of writers.

    Although after reading the first part of number three, I thought “writers have a pen”. Many of my co-workers and my family know that when a social problem seems to big for me to grasp, I often tackle it through my writing, frequently ripping into organizations or behaviors that I feel are wrong.

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