Questions About Incarnate

How did you come up with the idea for INCARNATE?

The answer to this question really depends on my mood. Sometimes a ferret whispered the story into my ear at night until I had to write the book or go mad. Sometimes the story happened to me in a past life and, when I couldn’t get the story published as a memoir, I went for YA fiction. Sometimes I was knitting a sock and saw the story in a few strangely placed strands of yarn.

What music did you listen to while writing INCARNATE?

Because my characters are Like That, there are multiple playlists. Most of it is stuff I listen to for certain kinds of scenes, or when I need to get back into the story after a long time away, not put into any kind of order except the order I added it over the years.

That said, here’s a playlist for Sam that I put together at my publisher’s request.

When INCARNATE begins, Dossam, a musician, hasn’t written music in a lifetime. Without music, the thing he loves most of all, life — especially multiple lives — seems meaningless. But when he meets Ana and hears music again for the first time in almost a hundred years, his life begins to change. As their relationship blossoms from cautious friendship to passionate romance, so does his music.

Moonlight Sonata – Ludwig van Beethoven
I Am Only One – We Are The Fallen
Primavera – Ludovico Einaudi
You and Me – Lifehouse
Time for Miracles – Adam Lambert
Clair de Lune – Claude Debassy
Make This Go On Forever – Snow Patrol
All That I’m Asking For – Lifehouse
Divenire – Ludovico Einaudi
In The End – Snow Patrol
Hearing Voices – OneRepublic
Answer – Sarah McLachlian

A musician friend also helped me put together Dossam’s Greatest Hits. Much to my ongoing sadness, those pieces are still fictional.

I read that Ana wasn’t her original name. Why did you change it?

Great question! Ana began life as Erin, but after selling the trilogy and discussing different aspects of the worldbuilding with my editor, we decided to make the change so her name would fit better with the society of Range. You can read more about that change here, on my blog.

I’m a reviewer/blogger/something you haven’t thought of yet and I’d love a review copy of your book. Will you send me one?

I’m afraid I can’t. I get so many requests that my personal blanket policy is to say no, because I really just don’t have the books or funds. If you’re looking for an ARC (advance reader copy) of a book that’s not out yet, you’ll have better luck asking my publisher or checking on NetGalley. If you’re looking for a book that is out . . . the way I make money to write more books is by selling books.

But keep an eye on my Twitter stream. Whenever I notice someone having a giveaway for my book, I always RT it.

Is INCARNATE part of a series? When will the next one come out? What is it called?

Yes, INCARNATE is the first in a trilogy. The second is called ASUNDER, and the third is called INFINITE. All three books are out now!

There’s also a novella from Sam’s point of view, called PHOENIX OVERTURE. It’s a prequel, but it spoils a few things for INCARNATE and ASUNDER, so I’d read it after ASUNDER. It’s safe to read before INFINITE though.

Will you write more books in the INCARNATE world?

Not right now. I have a couple of ideas, but I don’t know if I will write them. I have lots of ideas for stories in other worlds I’d like to write, too!

What is your next book going to be about, then?

My next book is THE ORPHAN QUEEN, which released March 2015. It’s about an orphaned princess fighting to reclaim her kingdom while hiding her power from a masked vigilante, set in a world where magic isn’t just forbidden, but will soon destroy everything.

It’s the first book in a duology. THE MIRROR KING is out April, 2016.