Incarnate Glossary

In INCARNATE, there are a lot of unusual words and concepts. I’ve compiled a small, spoiler-free glossary. If you’d like something added to this page, drop me a note and I’ll see what I can do.

Data console – A computer, containing mostly library archives.
Heart – The white city in the middle of Range.
Midrange Lake – A lake just south of Heart.
Newsoul – A soul in their first lifetime.
Nosoul – A derogatory name for newsouls.
Oldsoul – A soul who’s been reincarnated.
Quindec – A period of fifteen years. Also, the fifteenth birthday.
Range – The land humans have made safe. Everything beyond is controlled by other creatures.
Rangedge Lake – A lake at the southern edge of Range.
Rededication of souls ceremony – A ceremony celebrating soulmates. Everyone in Range wears a costume to a party and the two soulmates must find each other to prove their love.
Soul Night – The spring equinox of the Year of Souls.
Stef’s Everything Device (SED) – A small device meant for communicating, image-capturing, and music-playing.
Sylph – Shadow creatures that burn their victims. There is not much lore on them, but everyone fears them.
Sylph eggs – Egg-shaped devices that trap sylph using iron and electric shocks.

The lovely Safari Poet¬†generously took the time to make printable cards for the¬†glossary, that way you can keep it tucked inside your book if you’d like. If you want to download one (or both!) of these, just right click and “save image as.”