So a few weeks ago, I randomly started talking about something called Songbird Story on Twitter. Now, I can tell you what Songbird Story is.

Phoenix Overture
Ta da!

I’ve gotten a lot of requests for a story from Sam’s point of view, and it seems the fine people at HarperCollins have heard your cries, as well. Now (well, in September) you can have a Sam story on your ereader!

Technically, PHOENIX OVERTURE is a prequel. It happens lifetimesĀ before INCARNATE. But, as some of you have figured out, there’s a lot about the world that Ana’s trying to learn all through INCARNATE and ASUNDER — and the distant past is one of those mysteries.

Which means if you’re sensitive to spoilers, I’d read PHOENIX OVERTURE after you read ASUNDER. It’s safe to read thisĀ before INFINITE, though. (Otherwise we’d wait to publish this.)

So is this Incarnate .5 or 2.5? It’s sort of both.

And hey! You can preorder it.

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