Announcement: THE ORPHAN QUEEN

I’ll just start off with this.

Orphan Queen
Yes, this is code name Broadway Story.* Obviously it has nothing to do with Broadway. (Which is why you’ll probably never trust my story code names again.) Rather, it’s what my agent and I have been calling YA Game of Thrones meets Batman.

THE ORPHAN QUEEN is the start of a duology — two books. It’s completely unrelated to the Incarnate Trilogy, except by author (and agent and editor). The story is darker, has a faster pace, and required me to learn about paper-making, dip pens, and scorpion anatomy. It also features people wearing masks. (I like masks.)

Major love goes to my agent Lauren MacLeod, whose first words about this project were, “Um, this sounds freaking awesome.”

I’m so, so fortunate to be working with my editor Sarah Shumway again for this project, as well as the rest of the team at Katherine Tegen Books. There are no words to express how much I enjoyed working with them on the Incarnate Trilogy, and now we get to have more books together!

When Agent Lauren called to tell me Editor Sarah had offered on this, I swear I did not stop smiling and shaking for several hours. (And then I ate a giant cookie with ice cream on top and shortly experienced a sugar crash.) So YAY!!!

THE ORPHAN QUEEN will be out in 2015. Maybe Winter. Maybe Summer. I’ll let you know when I know.

*I talk about my stories using code names because real titles are likely to change–mine, anyway. THE ORPHAN QUEEN is the second “real” title this book has had, and I’m not even certain it’s going to stick.

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