Random stuff

To get my head in the right place for a good revision of Incarnate 3 (which has a title now! But I’m not going to tell you what it is), I’ve been rereading INCARNATE and ASUNDER. Which is weird, as you might expect, but incredibly useful for making sure I hit all the right plot lines, character arcs, and themes in IN3. Though I’ll be getting an edit letter for IN3 very soon, I’m also rereading the manuscript on my own, making notes of things I want to fix and places where I spot problems. (If you’re asking why I didn’t spot these things before, that’s because the last time I read this manuscript was in July, a few months ago. Distance from the story makes a huge difference.)

While I’m doing that, I thought I’d leave you with some links:

  • Don’t forget Knitting for Charity. We’re making blankets for premature babies, and offering some books and other goodies (including a skein of my handspun yarn) to the yarner who sends the most squares.
  • Interview on Framed In Words: in which I totally freeze on my favorite movie, but definitely know what supernatural being I’d become if possible.
  • Interview and INCARNATE or ASUNDER pre-order giveaway on Ensconced in YA, part one and part two.
  • You guys know about Authoress Anonymous’s annual Baker’s Dozen Agent Auction, right? I’ll be reading the slush again this year, along with Authoress. Not to toot our own horns, but there have been a lot of success stories connected to the Agent Auction. This is a great opportunity to get your manuscript noticed (and fought over) by agents. There will also be editors and other published authors doing critiques!
  • Over on My Countless Lives, I did a guest post about my (not so) guilty pleasures. Guess what they are! (Or go read the post.)
  • And on Uniquely Moi Books, I did a short post about bullying for National Bullying Prevention/Awareness Month.
  • Finally, to make (polite) stalking easier, don’t forget that I always add interviews and guest posts to my Appearances page. Newest ones are at the bottom.

Okay, two more things:

  • If you aren’t watching the Lizzie Bennet Diaries and you like Pride and Prejudice, watch it immediately. Here’s the YouTube channel.
  • If you’re a Robin McKinley fan and you’ve ever thought, Gee, I wish I could read some new Robin McKinley stuff even though I know it will be a while before her next book comes out, then wish no more. She has a blog serial story called KES and it’s right here. (And it’s great.)