Things that change in First Pass Pages

Last night, I stayed up late to finish reading the first pass pages of IN3 — which is the last time I’ll get to make changes in the book before it goes to printing. (This isn’t the last time anyone will look over it before printing, though; a team of proofreaders will do second and third passes on it, until it needs no more work.)

Historically, my first pass pages have all been . . . interesting. INCARNATE had HoHugging and similar hilarity. (Not to mention a missing paragraph and migrating dialogue tags!) ASUNDER had these weird symbols wherever apostrophes and quotes were italicized.

Incarnate HoHugging Asunder italics issues
IN3 was almost uneventful. The pages were notable only for the absence of those little scene divider images, where scene breaks fall at the top or bottom of the page.

That doesn’t mean there won’t be changes, though. The pages sticking out to the left are all the pages I’m sending back to my editor, so she can put my changes in the master document that lives at HarperCollins.

IN3 pass pages

First pass pages are printed to look like the book. They’re in the book layout, with the font and chapter headers and all of that. They’re what ARCs — Advance Reader Copies — are printed from. Changes in the first pass stage are supposed to be minor: fixing typos, word rep, HoHugging, spacing, or whatever. A chapter title changed in ASUNDER. My changes are typically very minor at this point, but I know other writers who’ve added scenes, changed endings, etc.

Still, there are quite a few minor things changing in IN3. The ARCs printed won’t reflect these changes. Only the final copy.

I love ARCs — I love getting them and reading them before other people (and the taunting that goes along with) — but I’m going to tell you a true story: I cringe whenever I see someone reading an ARC weeks/months/years after publication, because I know what kind of changes I make between ARCs and final copies. I can’t even guess what other authors do!

I’m really, really excited about IN3 ARCs going out into the world in a few months. And I’m dealing with the fact that advance readers will see that hideous word repetition on page whatever. But I’m really looking forward to final copies in January/February next year, because they will be clean and shiny. (And that sentence — no, don’t look at it! — will be better structured.)

But speaking of IN3 ARCs, have you entered my giveaway to win one of the very first ones?


Things that change in First Pass Pages — 11 Comments

  1. Lol, oh man. I laughed out loud at “HoHugging.” I think that has to be my favorite typo ever.

    Part of me hopes to get some cool errors in an ARC whenever I get published. But another part would just stare at it in horror because it’s something that has to be corrected. D:

    • HoHugging was the BEST! As soon as I read it, I thought “I BET IT DOES FEEL NICE, ANA!”

      The ones that really upset me were the moved dialogue tags and the missing paragraph. It was the whole first-book freakout. I think if that happened now, I’d be more likely to shrug and say, “Eh, it happens,” and move on with my life. :D

  2. I love reading ARC’s and then after I love the book I buy the book and see what fun things are in them, and some authors do change a ton. Asunder was one of my favorite books. But one thing that drives me nuts about a trilogy is read the first book waiting a year then reading the second and waiting a year, the waiting kills me, I sometimes want to wait to read until all are released and read them so I don’t have to wait!!!!! LOL well goodluck with the typos and great post:)

    • I hate waiting, too! Sometimes I’ll buy multiple books before I’ve read even one, that way I don’t have to wait. But then I get intimidated about size. I can’t win! *shakes head*

  3. Odd stuff indeed, but I’m guessing it’s also a bit like autocorrect while typing on a phone!

    Now that I’ve managed to get my hands of ARCs, I absolutely adore the idea of getting to read a book in advance! But of course, I also love comparing the final book with the ARCs!

    • Yeah, I think it must be! I really want to sit over their shoulders one day and see how they put the books into the program!

      And same — I love reading books in advance, and a lot of the ARCs I get are actually in pretty good shape. But I’m always curious about what the authors would have changed. (I don’t have as much time to reread as I’d like, so generally I won’t reread the book, even though I usually buy the finished copy.)

  4. I am so, so, SO excited for Incarnate #3! I’m sure it’ll be amazing, and I’m looking forward to catching up with Sam and Ana. Having an ARC is always fun, but if I don’t end up with one, I will look forward to the beautiful finished copy to be in my hands ;)

  5. BWAHAHAHAHAHA I still cannot believe I didn’t see HoHugging. Maybe I was sleeping. Or I didn’t read the top of that page. Or SOMETHING.

    Here’s my ridiculous typo/error story. I just went through my college application process this past school year (2012-2013). On the Common App, in which I would be submitting four of my six college applications, TWO of the four my most important schools, I spelled my hometown, “Reisterstown”, WRONG. I spelled it “Reiterstown”. Or was it “Reistertown”? Either way, I left a treasured “s” out.


    Well, it didn’t matter, because I got into five of the six schools. The one I didn’t get into was one of the four from the Common App, but the one that I AM attending in August (JHU – go Blue Jays!) was one of the four as well :D

    No big deal.

    Anyway. HUGS. It was so nice meeting you at the Baltimore YAGB workshop and signing! I probably already said that like 45476413 times. But I meant it, and I hope I get to see you again!

    This time, armed with finished copies, and not an ancient copy of a “HoHugged” Incarnate ARC :D

    *More hugs*

    • I think a lot of people manage to overlook errors in ARCs — because they’re ARCs! They’re expected to have errors. :)

      Ahh!! I bet that missing S was just horrible for you! It would have driven me crazy, too! But congratulations for getting into those schools! That is amazing!

      *hugs* *but not hohugs*

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