Anniversary Giveaway!

Incarnate anniversary

Today is kind of an important day for me, and it has nothing to do with costumes or candy.

Um, well, I guess it does. Sort of. Let me explain.

Ten years ago tonight, after my husband had gone to work the night shift, I turned off all the lights and booted up my old laptop. I don’t know what it was, but something about tonight made me realize that I’d been saying for years that I wanted to be a writer. And if I wanted to be a writer, I should actually — you know — write.

I pulled out the manuscript I’d been sort of working on for the last year, and I joined an online writing workshop (smartly called the Online Writing Workshop for SFFH). I began writing, critiquing, and learning.

It was not a fast process, but I worked hard — harder than I’d worked on anything in my life.

Four years ago tonight, I finished the biggest points of worldbuilding and plotting for a new trilogy I wanted to write. I almost waited until November 1 to start it — not as a NaNo project, but just because it was the beginning of the next month — until I remembered what night it was: the night I’d made the decision to be a writer, and to follow my dreams. I started writing the first draft of INCARNATE right then.

This anniversary is all about new beginnings: deciding to write full time; taking on a challenging story I’d been too scared to write before; and a story about the newest thing in the world.

To celebrate, I want to do some giveaways. (US only.)* They are, of course, themed.

In INCARNATE, Ana is new, and deals with a lot of things for the first time.

To win a signed paperback of INCARNATE, write a blog post about a time you were new to something, or somewhere, and how you dealt with it. Your post should be at least 200 words long (about two or three paragraphs), use the image above, and link back to this post. Then grab your link and fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In ASUNDER, Ana takes a stand for something she believes in, in spite of intense opposition. To win a signed hardcover of ASUNDER, write a blog post about a time you stood up for something you believed in, and the punishment for your good deed. How did you deal with it? Your post should be at least 200 words, use the image above, and link back to this post. Then grab your link and fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

In INFINITE, Ana goes on an epic journey, facing unknowable dangers as she makes what might be the most important choice in her world.

To win a signed ARC of INFINITE, write a blog post about a time you went on an adventure, or made a difficult decision that would impact the rest of your life. Your post should be at least 200 words, use the image above, and link back to this post. Then grab your link and fill out the Rafflecopter form below.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

*All of these giveaways are US-only. I’m really sorry; I love my international readers, but I do not love the cost of shipping. There will be (and have been) other giveaways open internationally.

Other information:

  • The giveaways are open for one month.
  • You can enter one, two, or all three, but if you enter multiple, the posts need to be separate entries. You can’t enter all three giveaways with one post.
  • If you want to write more than 200 words for your story, that’s great! 200 words is just the minimum.
  • If you win INCARNATE or ASUNDER but you already have those books and you really want INFINITE, I can probably be persuaded to let you trade for INFINITE.

Let me know if you have any questions!


Anniversary Giveaway! — 19 Comments

  1. This is a really cool and motivating writer story, and awesome that it was on Halloween for both important points. I won’t be able to start my NaNo until the 2nd, so I am thinking about getting the beginning in tonight instead and maybe Halloween will give me a push, too. Thanks for the great story and giveaway!

  2. Since I do not have a blog of my own, but I do have facebook, can I write a “note” in facebook and then somehow provide the link to submit an entry; sorry a bit tech challenged. Any suggestions on how to do this since I don’t have my own blog site or website? Thank you, Baylor

    • Yep, you can post it on FB if you want. Just add the image and write your post as the caption.

      To get the link, when it’s posted, you should just be able to click on the timestamp of the post, then use that link. Does that help?

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  4. Hi Jodi! Thank you so much for doing this giveaway! The writing prompts you gave us actually made me remember some very good moments in my life and I really enjoyed writing about them! I will admit that I have never read any of these books but I have seen many people mention them on youtube/goodreads/etc. and they sound FANTASTIC. I had the first two books in my cart at barnes& until I saw this giveaway! So, even if I don’t win I will be purchasing them anyhow.

    • Do you have a Facebook page or Tumblr? Anywhere you can share your story?

      A post is required to enter the giveaway because that’s what the giveaway is about; it wouldn’t be fair to everyone writing a blog post, otherwise.

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