AS SHE ASCENDS preorder giveaway!

Update: This is over now! The book is out! Yay!!

Hello, dearest readers! It’s that time again!

AS SHE ASCENDS is available for preorder, and for those of you who remember previous preorder giveaways, this will be easy! For those of you who don’t, this will still be easy!

What you get:

  1. A signed As She Ascends bookplate!
  2. As She Ascends dragon stickers!
  3. As She Ascends bookmark!
  4. As She Ascends dragon card!

And if you order a book from One More Page, my local indie, then you get all of the above plus:

  1. Exclusive Fallen Isles tapestry card
  2. Access to behind-the-scenes goodies
  3. A signed, personalized, and stamped edition

The tapestry card and access to the behind-the-scenes content will come with your book when it arrives. And, while One More Page doesn’t typically ship internationally, I’ve made arrangements with them to do it this time! (Ahem, that is, I told them I’d go to the post office with them.) Thing to note: if you have trouble making the website work with international shipping, please email and they will be happy to help you!

How you get it:

  1. Preorder As She Ascends
  2. Take a photo of the receipt or forward the receipt to me at (Feel free to delete any personal information you don’t want me to see.)
  3. Make sure to include your address at the top of the email — and write it out exactly as I need to write it on an envelope. International readers, this is you especially since I don’t always know where the line breaks should be!
  4. If you order multiple books, then you get multiples of all the things! Just be sure to point it out at the top of your email.
  5. I will send out swag until I run out! This is first come first serve.

Other things:

  1. Yes, this is international!
  2. Yes, ebooks and physical books count!
  3. I’ll start sending everything the moment I get back from my writing retreat with the Janies (mid-August).

Where to preorder:
Barnes and Noble
Book Depository

And again, One More Page — my local indie — will have extra special stuff, so if you want everything, make sure you go there.


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